Hey, guys!

Happy to see you here on my blog. I am Tina Maria  and I live near Francfort.I have started blogging about fashion about a year ago and I can’t stop. In my real life I am a teacher trainer, a Job that often demands a lot of my attention. However, I try to write as often as I can. as I love writing and looking for new fashion trends. At the moment I try to move my blog from to WordPress. That is why the blog appears to be a little empty at the moment.  Apart from fashion,  I love photography,electronic music, and travelling.  Also I work as a tourist guide in a very lovely medieval town not far away from my home. And I have a great number of wonderful friends around me (few of them even more fashion victims than me), so my life never gets boring…Now you know quite a few things about me and I am sure you are going to get to know me better through my posts. So let’s take a few glimpses at fashion together, guys! I am looking forward to you coming back to my blog.

Have a great time and do not forget to enjoy some fashionable moments!








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